​Hughes Piedmontese welcomes you to my web site! I am  operating a small Piedmontese farm in North Texas. Our farm has been in the family around 100 years as Granddad started out sharecropping the property until the owner became ill and gave him 60 acres. He kept farming for himself while operating a small dairy. My dad inherited a portion and ran a small goat farm before turning part of his farm over to me.​

A few commercial cattle were kept around until I discovered the Piedmontese breed. I was persuaded by the great aspects of the breed to start my own herd.
I strive to produce quality full blood animals in betterment of the breed. My hope is to breed superior genetics to pass on to others to create Piedmontese herds to be proud of.​


Dennis Hughes.​

2019 Member of both PAUS (Piedmontese Association of the United States) and NAPA (North American Piedmontese Association).