The Healthy Beef

No, it's not a contradiction.

The Piedmontese breed originated in Italy and they possess an inactive myostatin gene that allows the muscling of the animal to be very lean while remaining tender.


The American Heart Association recommends 300 mg of dietary cholesterol a day. One serving (3.5 oz) of cross bred Piedmontese beef amounts to less than 21% of this allowance. Full blood animals, even less.​



Beef                                  74 mg
Bison                                 62 mg
Chicken (skinless)           70 mg
Lamb                                 72 mg
Pork                                   74 mg
Shrimp                             152 mg
Swordfish                          39 mg
Turkey (Skinless)              73 mg
Venison                              85 mg

Crossbred Piedmontese (F1)     62.0 mg
Crossbred Piedmontese (F2)    38.6 mg
Full Blood Piedmontese              32.1 mg

With the health benefits of Piedmontese there's no reason to stop eating beef as many physicians recommend. In fact, my own cardiologist and general practitioner do not realize the benefits. They do recognize that my LDL cholesterol level has reduced and my HDL is good since replacing commercial beef with Piedmontese.

Piedmontese beef has a naturally good flavor while being tender, and with it being a lean meat it cooks faster at a lower temperature.