Thank you to all of our customers!

Thank you Lone Creek Cattle Company for purchasing CKC Bryson 18X, HBP Intooit 1Z and HBP Miracle 3Z. We hope they preform as well as we expect.


Thank you Mr. Frank Miller for purchasing HBP Jan 6B! Enjoy your new heifer!


Thank you 3MC Cattle Company for your purchase of HBP Trizzy 8B!

Thank you Gregg Pease for the purchase of MS Dan and our #15 steer!

Thank you Jeff and Tracie Gafford for the purchase of HBP Topia 16E! I'm sure this 1-copy heifer will work out just great.

Thank you Daryl Pucket on the purchase of the 3 in 1! We hope they meet all your needs.